I have birthed mountains…

that tower beyond the highest peaks, formed within me, stretched in front of me, now steadily trying to overgrow my reach

I have birthed mountains…

And I ask that though they not stay, that their chosen way move them higher, closer, clearly, not over, but nearly to the places that bless them the most

Surrounded by hosts that usher them in to the presence of the primer and polisher of perfection, humbler of their boast

Oh, I’ve birthed strong mountains…

Their very best striations not made by me, but layered with stones of purpose and gifting by hands I could not see

My own eyes coated by the clay film marking my own humanity

Yet yes, I am blessed to bring forth a semblance of divinity, velveted, framed. Indeed I have been ordained to love another trinity 

That adds to the harmony

In lands and lives, maybe not yet seen nor conceived, not even by me. 

I have birthed mountains…

Tripled peaks of promise so intriguing that I can barely entertain the meaning of how and why they burst into my life and turned my heart over and over and over…I can hardly contain the confining love that roars to keep them in my grasp,

Alas, assignments shift and change and pass…

I have birthed mountains

I’ve been the vessel and the maiden who poured

She who yet adores 

They who point and stretch toward the sky 

She who tries to drink back the selfish cry

As she continues to try

To remember that although their ascent is their own

Her prayers rendered will never leave them alone…

I have birthed mountains, mighty mighty mountains

Regina YC Garcia 02/20/20