What manner of world is this
When we have stolen and dismissed
Greatness, for we believe
Only the heightened may achieve
And fruit that has grazed the ground
Along with those just beyond margins found
Should drink in acceptance without a sound
Oh wordless, voiceless
Beloved of God
Pushed deep into the hardened sod
Sprout and break
For if you can
You have the gifts
To heal this land
You have the strength
To restore a peace
You are filled with the genius
To bring relief
You are the mighty bearers of light
Carrying news
That brights the night
You may not remember
What Great God
Whispered in your ear
Before he dispatched your soul to your body
And sent you here
You are more
You are more
And when slams the door
Think on this
You bear pearls
Cultivated not for
Those who have it all
And believe they own the call
Your pearls are for the many souls
Who will lift up their weary eyes
And rejoice as hope unfolds

Written by Regina YC Garcia, 08/16/2020