In memory of the Life and Work of Brother Chadwick Boseman

A King looks out, surveys his land and begins to create 

He works early or late but always in time

For kingdom fate is not to be decided by those who know not his people

He puts on robes to instill pride 

Suits in steel to fight the evil sides

Strips to nothing to walk beside 

The Suffering, eye-to-eye

A King brings hope to hearts forlorn

Transforms weariness and dismay 

In souls yet forsworn

And shows them another way

Beyond the path en-thorned 

A King moves his subjects 

To walk in royalty 

Sacrifices inherent privilege 

Leads in precious humility 

His power places promise in every word he breathes

The King embodies the role that his people need to touch, believe, and see 

He calls on his own Creator

To show him what he needs to be

To show him how to handle pain 

To show him how to give his gain

The King often tires

But always pushes on

Finds strength in thoughts of legacy

In the darkness before new dawn

He pulls his deep reserves 

And pushes through his day

He commands the vicious fallacies

His very life casts spiteful lies away

Finally he lifts the pictures

That will always remind and render

The truth that the gifts he leaves behind

Will make our doubt surrender 

And we will be better 

Than what we were before

We can turn his gifts to strength

To break down bolted doors

Good night, Sweet King

Entwined in branched cradles deep

Forever heroic images 

In memory and deed

We shall keep

Regina YC Garcia


Photo Credit: Getty Images

I pray he knew that he was absolutely loved by people he’d never even seen. I pray he knew that he helped to shape our dreams, our sense of self, our pride, and most of all, I pray that in the sweet by and by, he finds that God was most pleased with that which he said and did and gave and lived. A King has died, but now with the King, he lives.

#WakandaForever #ChadwickBosemanForever

Long live our king with The King!