Pry yourselves from platitudes of piety
Flesh and stone dieties betray you
Shallow smiles convey
That you regard us less
For you applaud those who scale monuments
In worship of puppet kings
In search of absolutions
Within the lies they sing
Forbid yourself the words
You utter otherwise
When you wax deeply of your hurts
While you ignore the desperate cries
And mock brown broken bodies
As light drains from their eyes
Disallow trite tales
And disingenuous turns of phrase
That vain would steal my voice
While your desires find a way
To manifest for your own might
Twisting words, shading light
Right is wrong
Wrong is right…
There is no common ground
When the blood of my loves stain
This stolen hallowed ground
As you run to cover the sound
Of the beast that yet lives

The Capitol Building, Washington, DC
January 6, 2021
No Copyright Infringement Intended

Epiphany 2021

Hands that Pick

Hands that picked cotton for promise

Picked tense times


Uncommon faces

Found Broken Spaces

To Cast Spells and Votes

That Filled and Manifested Hope

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, Georgia Senators Elect
Copyright Infringement Not Intended