Temporal Rift

I’m floating in a pocket outside of time

Though perhaps you see me

Because I seem to be


Skin, hair, teeth, and bone

Roam the world

Yet often, my essence rumbles in a temporal rift 

A space that I inhabit when I am terrorized by the thought that the pieces I’ve left in real time will make no difference in the place I’m thought to be

While I peep from the pockets where I store my insecurities

I try to hurry, that I might return to the rest of me 

To create my illusion of free…

Temporal freedom

Temporary freedom

No time…no time…

No peace of mind can ride this temporal stream alone, intact

In fact…

If I could move up and down the continuum to control my fear

If I could stop and restart tears and fears

If I could control the gift

I could avoid my journey to the rift

The trip that sends me adrift into the darkness layered carefully between light 

Where I try to build up the inner fight

To ride a train of temporal courage

That will not wane

To leave a legacy that will play sweet refrain

Long beyond my footprints stain 

The earthly floors that do remain…

In the meanwhile 

I do as I do

I pray that one day

It be enough…

I preach comfort

I teach conciousness 

I build carefully 

(Fear and trembling)

I scream “I think of thee and these! Are you pleased? My God, are you  pleased?”

Is God pleased?

Forgetting nothing…

Am I forgetting anything?

Yet when pain sets in

I run again

Into the rift

And the angel stands guard

While I store and discard the pain

And ask the Spirit to reign 

And restore me whole…

Temporal trials fade

Temporal trials fade

This is as God has made

This is as God has made