Touch, Torch, and Eternity

What A Word Inspiration provided by Portia Bright Pittman, Stacy Jarrell, and Pansie Flood

*Inspirit, Jubilant, Change

(L) Portia Bright Pittman, (Top R) Pansie Flood, (Bottom R) Stacy Jarrell

Saints gifted to Inspirit a world 

Bring life to broken weary hearts and bones that are

Struggling to find any home to lay down  burdens 

These humble paragons lift up those who have wrestled night and day

With the evil myths an rifts in a world of  perceived Godlessness 

The Jubilant messengers, soulful sojourners soothe, cajole, enliven and smear ointments of peace and joy on the one or the hoard of faces marred and bodies stoned

And they

Pour libations for the nations

They are 

Angels wrapped in flesh

Disguised with smiles that pierce, confuse, and beguile the cloaked demons 

That lurk just outside the periphery 

Or boldly walk unashamed 

Within the territories

Change conditions

Undeterred, these Torch Bearers of Night, Bringers of Light that 

Helping others pull dreams into fruition

Wizened warriors spanning eons of the holiest traditions

Who lift blood, clay, and breath towards the sky 

That those who live ’til they die might one day

Know the sweetest by and by and by and are 

Now measured in divine plans of forever

Good Friday Song

What A Word Inspiration provided by Raymonda Peele, Tanisha Hines-Johnson, and Jean Lovett Cahoon

*Extortionate, Contraption, Committment

(Top L) Tanisha Hines-Johnson, (Bottom L) Raymonda Peele, (R) Jean Lovett Cahoon

The Extortionate cost of our souls

(For we were unworthy)

Bought with the richest form of love 

Stripped from scores of tears and welts and bleeding sores

Pinned to planks, pierced, and pressed with

Unforgiving points

The monumental sacrifice 

Of purity for sin stain

That we might live again

No greater love 

No greater Committment 

For He never left

He never left

Hung upon that 

Vile Contraption 

That we now kneel before

Seasonally draped in white, purple, red

We Pray, Praise, Adore

And oft we never conceptualize 

The wretched tears and cries

Of people we claim we despise

Neighbors, Family, Friends

Faceless citizens

We hoard land, money, power

But my Savior hung for hours 

That we might cross boarders

That once held us in this graveland

Yet we pinch what we’ve been given

Merciless souls of flesh living

But two things He asked of thee

To love His Father eternally

To love each other as if we see 

Ourselves as them 

Again and again