Dedicated to Breonna Taylor because she mattered. She still does.

My Shrines

I build shrines with angry tears, for the most holy, I have that  shed

These are the ones that bigots mock, yet the ones that they most dread

I grow flowers in twisting pain, birthed in the narrows of my throat

Strewn across my altars, they smell of dwindling hope

I  light candles in my heart, to warm from rising chill

I kneel in desperation, pray these evil spirits still

I place symbols of the martyred, now in ancestral lands

I pray their sacrifice inhabit and solidify our stand

I call True God to impart the plan that will pointedly define

My role in this revolution to ease my troubled mind


Breonna. What is the price of her life stolen ? 

The despise of her assailants is contemptible; the tears of her kinsmen are in-absorbable; the failure of “justice” to address her ceasing is unpardonable. 

The Heavens will take up her cause, and the reeling from the reaping will reveal. 

The reign of posted puppets will perish.

True Justice demands its day.

I pray to see it come.

…die no more

I take her up in my arms

A daughter I never knew

“Daughter, die no more”

Spirit ushers her toward the sky

Away from a land too broken

To care or understand 

That she was the one

It could’ve loved


Not rejected solid life

Nor cooked down what she

Was meant to be

Likening her legacy 

To wilted greens

Down a drain, never to be redeemed

Daughter, die no more

Leaving me to keep her name on my pen

In my fingertips

A daughter I never knew

Because they sent word by vile loathsome lips

That the bullet that tore through her live body unjustified

Ripped the light from her eyes

Would not be held accountable

And her only justification would come

In her by and by…

Daughter, die no more

My children march on streets 

Of hate 

In a land that reviles and berates 


And embraces 


Calls Evil forth 

Names it “God”

And invites it in…

No God that I know, Daughter

As you will find

When you join the fold 

Of Real God Divine

Daughter, die no more

Die no more…