Where in the world can we go?

Where the sun does not set nor turn her face

So as not to witness the disgrace of her oldest children

The ones told again and again “You can dance now, but you won’t win.”

In this land–small moments of victory, slight stints of happy, fleeting prosperities–

These cannot enrich chronically scantily fed souls…

Oh, where in this world can we go?

Where our honorable ideas ignite, and nimble thoughts take flight, and our sister catches them in the wind, and our brother invites us over to gather us in 

To share and work and make miracles from that which formed us: blessed breath, salted water, live light, and deep dark dirt

Not born from broken survival spirits and oppressive hurts

Nor birthed from the desperation to be heard, loved, valued, seen…

Where in the world can we go?

Surely there is no space for us here 

Inside of this giant’s fears

When wicked shadows cover doors and floors

And vile betrayers 

Peering from the dark

Steal our trust

Call us out 

To break our hearts 

Hand us over as in ancient days gone by

After those times when some could fly

Back then, we did soar

(Back then,higher…more)

Where in the world can we go?

I  believe that I will dive

To the bottom of the enshrining sea

Collect the magic that was meant for my people and for me

Close my eyes

Push my wings through back and bones

Take our potions 

And set us all free

Then we will know 

Spirit will tell us

Your home will reach up to love you

Wherever you roam

By Regina YC Garcia

Nerd Random

Nerd Randomness…

Why can’t I use “things?” 🤔

My dertimination to specify in terms more precise oft leads me to deadly verbosity.

It is a boulder of my self-made obligation, urgently suggested by grammarians whose rules I’ve placed in on the confinement shelves of my mind. It joins other devices meant to harness me and keep me from being heard.

That’s why I sometimes freakout, shift vernacular, confuse convention, use freeing word tranformation, employ in-fixes, and coin in wild abandon…oh, and cuss…just a little… (that’s different from curse, of course)